Attention: House of Cards Fans

House of Cards Fans – Facebook Page

If you’re a House of Cards fan then you know that this show generates more questions than it does answers, it also means you’re spending unhealthy amounts of time burning brain calories trying to work it all out, and there’s a better than good chance you’re driving family and friends insane with your obsession. Well, you’re not alone and there’s help out there for you. That help is the House of Cards Fans page on Facebook. It’s a refuge for fans looking to analyse, hypothesise and do a little Monday quarterbacking about all things HoC. The group shares fan artwork, (some of which I’ve featured above) hosts shirt giveaways, loves a good meme and post HoC related news. These are your people and they’re all over #OneNationUnderwood like Frank on Freddy’s ribs! So head over to the page and join in all the diabolical fun!

“Let the butchery begin.”


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