Homeland Season 4 News

Homeland season 4 casting proves you can’t keep a good Congressman down. Corey Stoll may have been martyred for Frank Underwood’s cause in House Of Cards but he’s alive and well and back in politics. Corey is set to guest star in season 4 of Homeland as Pakistan CIA Chief, Sandy Bachman.

Laila Robins also joins the Homeland cast as U.S Ambassador to Pakistan, Martha Boyd.


House Of Cards to Homeland: Corey Stoll


Season 4 will focus on Claire Dane’s fractured character Carrie Mathison plying her trade as a field operative abroad. It’s a significant shift from previous seasons and one that will hopefully revive interest in Showtime’s flagship program. It won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama in 2012 but the reception from audiences was mixed for season 3 due to the lack of screen time for Damian Lewis’ character, broken Marine Sgt, Nicholas Brody. The eleventh hour save came in the final episodes with the well crafted, and fittingly subdued demise of Brody.

Homeland fans know that Carrie was pregnant with Brody’s baby at the time he was unceremoniously hung from a crane, so it will be interesting to see how she copes back in the field in a foreign country, with child and without baby-daddy. Will she still be a lip-quivering mess? Or will she pull it together and get back to what she does best?


Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn)

Before you ask, yes Mandy Patinkin will be back as Saul Berenson and Rupert Friend, who plays Peter Quinn, also returns. Apart from providing the eye-candy, I’m looking to Peter to play a more significant role this season including, being a potential love interest for Carrie. I think it’s safe to assume he’ll be saving her from some catastrophe, most likely herself if things don’t improve with her mental state.

There’s no word yet on a release date but with filming still taking place up to November, we could be looking at a September – October drop by Showtime.